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August 07

“Trust me. I’m an Expert” Art Prizes: and the Winner Is…. ; Keith and Elizabeth Murdoch Travelling Fellowship; VCA

Art prizes are only any good if you win. The judges are only any good if they pick you. Judges are only any good if I’m a judge. Art prizes are only as good as the judges. Otherwise, they’re a bunch of mugs who confuse Judy Watson with Jenny Watson. Jon Campbell with Glen Campbell. […]

August 05

Julie Rrap: Remaking the World; Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne University

Thank god someone is using their creative ‘museum time’ to imagine the world as a better place. This makeover, the making over of the world, is a big, ambitious job. The world is presently in one god-awful mess; a mess so extreme it’s easier to list what doesn’t need remaking than what does. We’ve outdone […]

June 19

The Politics of Private Art Philanthropy

Two of the options to pick up the shortfall as Australian Government funding for the arts ‘tapers off’ is private art philanthropy and Corporate sponsorship of the Arts. As more and more Australians struggle to pay their power bills, money has never before been more valuable. Let us consider the politics of private arts philanthropy. […]

June 13

Australian Art and Politics: Part 1

The Australian Liberal Parties Arts Policy is based on Pretty Woman. The businessman character, on which all Liberal Party policies are based, bunny hops a high-end sports car into town. Cars and Real Estate (the commodities that currently form the basis of the world’s economic growth) are recurring mainstream success motifs. The businessman will be […]

June 04

Ryan Gander: Read Only

Ryan Gander once pretended to be Minister for the Department of Skills and Education in Britain. He took the job very seriously, commissioning an advertising company to Imagineer an ad to promote British Culture, an export Ryan had proudly identified as Britain’s most significant. Film, art, fashion, music, from Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber down to […]

June 01

Lost and Profound

I’m in a dream. I’m Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. But middle aged. Still great with a bow and arrow, in ok nick for what they’ve put me through, very able to think outside the box. My reality TV stardom days are now but faded memories. I’m bitter about being cast aside for a […]

May 25

Proposition for Change for Equitable Outcomes for Surgeons (Female)

It’s hard to get trained up as a woman with a scalpel: ‘You would expect women to flourish in medicine. Since 1996, women have outnumbered men in Australian medical schools. More than half of general practice trainees, two out of three paediatric trainees, and close to three in four obstetricians in training are women. Look at surgical training […]

May 09

Melbourne Art Book Fair

If you needed further proof that art loves nothing more than flogging a dead horse, the Melbourne Art Book Fair was a 3-day event of evidence. At a time of rapid decline in book sales and the closure of much loved local book stores the world over, a new mode of doing business with books […]

April 27


CCP was full to overflowing at its Exhibition Openings on Thursday night. You can put that down to team VCA being there to support one of its own Artist Art Lecturers. The VCA is my old alma mater and whenever I’m back there I get this off kilter deja vu thing where everything is simultaneously […]

April 20

A Golden Age of China: I dream therefore I am

I’m in a dream. The Qianlong Emperor (1735-1796) is there. He’s an art connoisseur and the longest living Emperor in Chinese history. During his reign, China became the wealthiest and most populous nation in the world. We’re at his place, the Forbidden Palace. There’s a queasy feeling in my belly, excited but nervous. The feeling […]