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March 14

Shifting Gear: Design, Innovation and the Australian Car; NGV

The difference between art and design is that with design, it’s generally easier to test if it’s any good and there’s a purpose that can be evaluated. The difference between art and (propositional) architecture is whether or not Callum did it. If Callum did it then it’s art. Art, design and architecture are presently cannibalizing […]

March 11

Plagiarism: What is it and How do you do it?

Design is So Big Right Now that the world’s favourite power lesbian, Ellen DeGeneres, recently launched her own 6-part American furniture design reality TV competition for cable – “Ellen’s Design Challenge”. The Grand Finale saw finalists Tim and Katie design one last piece of furniture, the winning designer taking home prize money of one hundred […]

February 27

Adam Kalkin: The Remote-Controlled Terrorist Coffin; RMIT

Design and warfare have a close relationship and when there’s a war on, there’s funding for ideas with a military potential. LOOOOADS of funding. Hugo Boss needed funding once. Hugo’s fashion house designed and produced all of those killer Waffen SS uniforms (made by Polish slave labourers). Hugo joined the fledgling Nazi Party and contracts […]

February 16

Brent Harris: Dreamer; Tolarno Galleries

I once harboured such youthful disdain for painters that I had to coin a new phrase to describe my own senseless discrimination: Paintcism. As a paintcist I believed all painters had it too easy: producing art products that people want to buy and hang on their walls like spice racks. Any idiot can paint, or […]

January 18

ACCA Menagerie

Down at ACCA they’re trying to turn animals into people again. You’ve got to be pretty down on your herd to try this trick. Most animals aren’t even toilet trained yet. Maybe that’s part of the appeal: people love cleaning up a mess that isn’t their own. ACCA says Menagerie is an art show that “…Explores […]

January 01

In Bed with the Ghost of Adam Cullen

Formerly we used to canonise our heroes. The modern method  is to vulgarise them. Cheap editions of great books may be delightful, but cheap editions of great men are absolutely detestable. Oscar Wilde The Critic as Artist Part 1                   It was late and we’d been drinking. […]

November 30

Emily Floyd: The Dawn

I sit on Emily Floyd’s new public art commission at the NGV, The Dawn. The work is named after The Dawn: A Journal for Australian Women, which was edited and published by feminist Louisa Lawson from 1888 to 1905. Emily’s The Dawn is part sculpture, part library, and about ‘Feminism, activism, the printed word, open […]

November 24

Jordan Marani’s Colourful Language

“Just because you swallowed a fucking dictionary when you were about 15, doesn’t give you the right to pour a bucket of shit over the rest of us.” Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating (to Jim McClelland) Gee I miss Paul Keating. Not the older recent ‘I did that, that’s my idea’ Paul Keating. The […]

November 19

Aphids 20th Birthday

“On the very cutting edge of irrelevance to mainstream Australia”, said Aphids Artistic Director Willoh S Weiland, at a function to conclude a screen residency at Federation Square last week. Aphids also celebrated their 20th birthday. Aphids is an artist led cultural organization, making epic contemporary art projects, across art forms and borders. There’s video, […]

November 18

West Space End of Year Show

Proudly straddling two cities, Salote Tawale is a prolific artist who knows the Hume Highway like the back of her bust. That’s a self-portrait bust, not a breast bust. She’s a member of a small group of Industry Leaders who are helping help us develop a grassroots Sydney/Melbourne art dialogue, one couch surf at a […]