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August 07

“Trust me. I’m an Expert” Art Prizes: and the Winner Is…. ; Keith and Elizabeth Murdoch Travelling Fellowship; VCA

Art prizes are only any good if you win. The judges are only any good if they pick you. Judges are only any good if I’m a judge. Art prizes are only as good as the judges. Otherwise, they’re a bunch of mugs who confuse Judy Watson with Jenny Watson. Jon Campbell with Glen Campbell. […]

April 27


CCP was full to overflowing at its Exhibition Openings on Thursday night. You can put that down to team VCA being there to support one of its own Artist Art Lecturers. The VCA is my old alma mater and whenever I’m back there I get this off kilter deja vu thing where everything is simultaneously […]

December 10

Make Art at Uni: VCA Masters Show 2014

Destiny Deacon once said:  I’ve been to the top of the mountain and I looked over the other side and there’s nothing there. Harry the Hairdresser has been to more art shows than most. I asked him what kept him coming back. He said it was the drama. The art scene, he said, was a […]