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November 09

Penny Byrne

The world’s political landscape right now is so munted that some artists are really getting angry and it’s coming out in their work. As Penny Byrne began addressing the audience that had gathered for the unveiling of her latest show Etonnez-moi at Fehily Contemporary, a Police siren sounded, as if on cue. It added a certain […]

October 28

Nathaniel Mellors Speaks Good

Artists talking about their works make me nervous. It’s mostly Bill Viola’s fault. Bill talked some years back at the RMIT and it was so dull, that some clown stood up and as he stormed toward the nearest exit, yelled exacerbatedly: “Where can I get my money back?!” (Bill’s talk cost money). It was the […]

October 19

Opening Night: Jean Paul Gaultier

Fashion is more popular than Art. When Alexander McQueen had a show at the Met a couple of years back, it ranked in the top five best attended shows there EVER. More than a million people viewed the spectacle. Art is very different to fashion. Though some artists become so fashionable that they go out […]

October 09

Booby Trap: The Perils of Commemorative War Art

I’ve been thinking a lot about war lately, because of the Australian government. Not only do they fund wars, they fund art about war too. They’ve set aside a wad of cash to commemorate 100 Years of Anzac spirit with the Anzac Centenary Arts and Culture Fund. I am concerned that well funded commemorative war […]

June 26

Coups, Curfews and the National Council for Peace and Order

You can’t make contingency plans when a military coup coincides with your Thailand family holiday (it’s difficult to disagree with people who have guns and shite) and we first became  concerned when the 10pm-5am curfew kicked in. Our eyebrows rose higher when we saw real sub machine guns on the streets but the situation really escalated, when […]