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September 05

CCP Annual Fundraiser

Rupert Myer admitted that he’d been given a very specific brief for his welcoming address: whip the crowd into a philanthropic frenzy of mayhem art buying, creating a fever of constant cash register bleeping and Eftpos machine blooping, penetrating the chatter round the Calendar cheese table. There was barely a dollar of credit left on […]

August 20

Spring 1883

The last time I ended up in a hotel room with an art dealer, I came very close to being curated. It was touch and go…. A group of young renegade galleries has broken away from the Melbourne Art Fair, opting to host their own boutique art fair at nearby landmark, the Windsor Hotel. Spread […]

August 19

Art Fair After Party

There was so much art to take in at the Art Fair that I got art blur. That’s when you can’t remember what you like (or not) anymore, nor why. You need a vacation, some down time to work through it. It’s as confusing as surfing the Internet too long in one sitting without a […]

August 18

Vernissage Melbourne Art Fair

Money can’t buy you happiness but it can buy you art. And artists. The Melbourne Art Fair is about living, breathing artists producing contemporary art that’s up for grabs. This years Vernissage was a celebration like no other, boss Barry Keldoulis realizing if you want to throw a vibrant party you invite artists. 300 of […]

August 08

Un magazine reinvents wheel: Issue 8.1

Artists and curators are creative. When an artist and a curator work as Editors, it’s creativity squared to the power of six. The latest addition of un magazine sees all this creativity surge forth, in a fountain-like flow of creative creativity, bringing into focus the role of editor in relation to contributors. The magazine starts […]

August 05

Luke Roberts – Kunstkamera

Hitler was such an asshole. In his photographic performance from 2008 Adolf, Luke Roberts slicks his hair over forehead, holds a paintbrush within praying hands to represent the Fuhrers famous moustache, raises his eyebrows into a ‘what the?’ arch and stares straight at the camera. It’s a shocking image to eyes that ain’t easily shocked. […]

July 31

Now and Then

Artist Gunter Christmann and his life partner Jenny Christmann were legends. Free thinking eccentrics of the first order. Influencing younger artists with their mischievous playful anarchism from four floors up in downtown Darlinghurst. Just across the road from the art school, perfectly situated to challenge a few young brains over a coffee. I never met […]

July 30

Basil Sellars Prize 2014

If you’ve been thinking the art world is in a mess, then you should cast an eye sideways to a nearby sporting field: Messy. There’s match fixing, gambling, performance enhancing strategies, and the common ‘party goes bad/late night motel room mishap’ narrative. There’s also the Twitter/Facebook ever-present potential scandal, the dangers of which are difficult […]

July 07

CODE ONE: It’s always a good time…

One Day at Victoria Police HQ: “Sergeant! We’re not reaching the kids of Melbourne! They think we’re a bunch of cops!” “Might I make a suggestion sir?” “By all means!” “Popular. Music…” The Victorian Police Force are not all about fines, Tasers and arresting Paul Yore’s art. Today’s men and women of the Police also understand […]

June 26

Coups, Curfews and the National Council for Peace and Order

You can’t make contingency plans when a military coup coincides with your Thailand family holiday (it’s difficult to disagree with people who have guns and shite) and we first became  concerned when the 10pm-5am curfew kicked in. Our eyebrows rose higher when we saw real sub machine guns on the streets but the situation really escalated, when […]