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May 17

The End of Time. The Beginning of Time

After 32 action packed years, that launched the careers of more art stars into the cultural stratosphere than the Apollo Space program, Gertrude Contemporary is on the move. Gerty will join Melbourne’s burgeoning and vibrant inner north where vibrant live music venues like the Northcote Social Club, the Croxton, Tago Mago and Open Studio are […]

November 18

We Woz Robbed: Gertrude Street is Dirty and Thirty

At Gertrude Streets 30th birthday party and annual fundraiser on Friday night, I met Sarah Ritson. Sarah is my facebook friend. Sarah had a studio at Gerty back in ‘88, and said there were no oysters being served at fundraisers back then. When she moved into her studio, abandoned Howard Arkley paintings were stacked up […]

June 01

Lost and Profound

I’m in a dream. I’m Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. But middle aged. Still great with a bow and arrow, in ok nick for what they’ve put me through, very able to think outside the box. My reality TV stardom days are now but faded memories. I’m bitter about being cast aside for a […]