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October 19

Opening Night: Jean Paul Gaultier

Fashion is more popular than Art. When Alexander McQueen had a show at the Met a couple of years back, it ranked in the top five best attended shows there EVER. More than a million people viewed the spectacle. Art is very different to fashion. Though some artists become so fashionable that they go out […]

October 09

Booby Trap: The Perils of Commemorative War Art

I’ve been thinking a lot about war lately, because of the Australian government. Not only do they fund wars, they fund art about war too. They’ve set aside a wad of cash to commemorate 100 Years of Anzac spirit with the Anzac Centenary Arts and Culture Fund. I am concerned that well funded commemorative war […]

August 08

Un magazine reinvents wheel: Issue 8.1

Artists and curators are creative. When an artist and a curator work as Editors, it’s creativity squared to the power of six. The latest addition of un magazine sees all this creativity surge forth, in a fountain-like flow of creative creativity, bringing into focus the role of editor in relation to contributors. The magazine starts […]