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August 21

Unpacking Gerty’s Move

Gertrude Contemporary is an up-to-the-minute arts institution, combining exhibition space with an art studio complex. Gertrude Contemporary is part factory/part showroom and they’ve just relocated from the street of their name, to some place out in the sticks that nobody has ever heard of. There is an old-person-gambling-den situated right across the road, offering new […]

September 08

Fake or Fortune: The Life and Times of Brett and Wendy Whiteley

My lawyer friend sent me the divorce settlement of Brett and Wendy Whiteley. Everyone should have at least one lawyer friend. The law intrigues me (artistically speaking), offering us a strange portrait of society and what it considers important. Maxine, as a small child, asked her Daddy: ‘when will Mum learn the law?’ Brett and […]