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April 24

MUMA: Believe Not in Every Spirit

Forgotten, overlooked, misunderstood women are a dime a dozen. Everywhere you look there’s another woman not getting her fair share. Today, yesterday, tomorrow too no doubt, unless we get a decent riot together. Burn through a couple of hurdles ASAP. Believe Not Every Spirit, But Try The Spirits is an exhibition inspired by the art […]

February 09

Justene Williams: The Curtain Breathed Deeply; MUMA

A wise friend once remarked nonchalantly: “Life is tough and then you get a shitty boyfriend”. The choice of who you show almost all of yourself to, is the curating that most affects life. Dating is curating with your private parts and P-Parts often override your conscious, thinking self. Another of life’s little mysteries is […]

October 28

Nathaniel Mellors Speaks Good

Artists talking about their works make me nervous. It’s mostly Bill Viola’s fault. Bill talked some years back at the RMIT and it was so dull, that some clown stood up and as he stormed toward the nearest exit, yelled exacerbatedly: “Where can I get my money back?!” (Bill’s talk cost money). It was the […]