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July 20

Me and Morry: My Pretend Affair with a Publishing Legend

I’m having an affair with Morry Schwartz. A Pretend Affair. The project explores the tenuous links, the under-explored nether regions that straddle conceptual art and stalking. Part of a trilogy about power, this third, and final instalment follows previous stalking operations performed on Maurizio Cattelan 1999, and Jacques Derrida 1998. I call the work The […]

January 18

ACCA Menagerie

Down at ACCA they’re trying to turn animals into people again. You’ve got to be pretty down on your herd to try this trick. Most animals aren’t even toilet trained yet. Maybe that’s part of the appeal: people love cleaning up a mess that isn’t their own. ACCA says Menagerie is an art show that “…Explores […]