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August 18

TV Moore: A Night on the Tiles; ACCA

Timothy Vernon Moore seems to love nothing more than a night on the tiles. He convinced ACCA to invest in his hedonism too and it’s undergone an expansive floor to ceiling refurb for his show, With Love and Squalor. TV has literally rolled out the red carpet for himself and ACCA’s Dulux Paint sponsorship deal has also copped […]

June 26

The Politics of Art: (Part 3)

Research is creative and political. Research is like curating: you decide what to put in and what to leave out. What’s important and what’s not important. The presentation of research reveals the philosophy of the researcher as exhibitions reveal the politics of curators. Research is art as much as thinking is art. And art (like […]

June 04

Ryan Gander: Read Only

Ryan Gander once pretended to be Minister for the Department of Skills and Education in Britain. He took the job very seriously, commissioning an advertising company to Imagineer an ad to promote British Culture, an export Ryan had proudly identified as Britain’s most significant. Film, art, fashion, music, from Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber down to […]

January 18

ACCA Menagerie

Down at ACCA they’re trying to turn animals into people again. You’ve got to be pretty down on your herd to try this trick. Most animals aren’t even toilet trained yet. Maybe that’s part of the appeal: people love cleaning up a mess that isn’t their own. ACCA says Menagerie is an art show that “…Explores […]

October 13

Framed Movements

The Melbourne Festival Show at ACCA Framed Movements, curated by Hannah Matthews, opened on Thursday night. Lane Cormick presented a startling new work from the ‘Is it Art or is it Animal Cruelty’ genre, involving a live falcon, hood, perch, a circle of onlookers and witchypoo masking tape stuck to the ground. The crowd seemed […]